5 Ways To Eat Your Crunch

How do you like to eat our Simply Protein Crunch? We’ve gathered some feedback from you and tried to come up with our own creative ones. We thought about ridiculous ways like eating the crunch while crunching but after some testing we ask that you don’t try that at home.  We like you and do not want you to get hurt.

So how does one enjoy a delicious snack that is known for its flavour and ability to keep you feeling full?

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Spring Activities!

The birds are chirping and the sun is shining. You’ve seen a robin and you know spring is officially here.

Depending on where you live, it may not be quite as warm as you would like. This is the in-between stage of weather: there is no snow for tobogganing and no hot sun for shorts-wearing.

What to do?

Check out your local community event listings to see what is happening. Library’s newsletters and your city’s website will be great resources for event listings.

Leave the window open to catch the first of the spring breeze as you make a bird feeder. HGTV has a great bird feeder using recycled items around your house that you can make with the kids.

Head over to your local park and have a picnic. We’re picturing a red and white blanket, yummy sandwiches and of course the Cinnamon Pecan Simply Protein Bar for dessert. Is there a pond? Add feeding the ducks on your spring to-do list.

Do you need a new bike? A lot of bike shows are happening as we head into the spring season. Check them out for deals and of course you’ll have to cruise around on it to test it out.

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Simply Whey Bars on The Marilyn Denis Show

Did you watch the Marilyn Denis Show on Wednesday when they did the Challenge Check-in? Or was even lucky enough to attend?

Why do we say lucky enough? Because every audience member received a box of Simply Protein Whey Bars!

Nutritionist Miranda Malisani was on sharing a meal plan that she had prepared for a family who had taken on the weight-loss challenge. She went through recipes for breakfast with quinoa flakes, quick Tacos Mas Machos and sprouted tofu and fresh vegetable stir fry.  As a snack she talked about vegetables and our very own Simply Protein Whey Bars.

Miranda spoke about how they are a great snack because few bars on the market have only two grams of sugar in them. She suggests never leaving home without a healthy snack to go and the Simply Bar is the perfect fit.

As well, we liked hearing about how important water consumption and variety in your diet is. Missed the episode? Watch is on her website!

Were you in the audience? Let us know how you like the bars!

VIDEO - Simply Whey Bars – Marilyn Denis

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Personalized Holistic Nutrition is Making Inroads into Healthcare

We are starting to hear a lot more about the profound impact of our food on our health.  In North America, our processed food intake has grown at the expense of what I call whole foods – foods with 1 ingredient and less processed  foods, which I consider foods with 5 ingredients or less.

Obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and inflammatory diseases along with a huge increase in the incidence of digestive disorders are on the rise.  This has been occurring in parallel with the rise in refined sugars, refined grains, processed / hydrogenated oils trans fats and toxins in our environment.

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Spring Revival – Coping With The Final Weeks Of Winter

Beating the Winter Blues… the end is near!

No matter what the verdict our groundhog friends give us, winter sure does drag on.

What do you do to keep you happy? Positive blogger Dale Partridge shares tips on what he does to lift his mood. He journals at least 3 times a week, watches funny movies and rock climbing.

With having to wait until March 20th for spring to officially come, “winter blues” hasn’t ended yet. Many people may not be their happiest during these dark months, and others suffer from Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD).

If you are feeling the effects of the somber weather check out these recommendations from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) to help battle mild symptoms:

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