Thank God for you. I have NEVER been so happy as the day that I found your bars. A healthy snack that... Woman with Celiac disease, Toronto

How to Choose

Simply Choices has the most protein for the least calories of any bar we have ever found!

Fill up on protein, not fat and calories! A natural protein snack with more fiber than sugar! See how our snacks compare to our competitors:


Protein Bar Comparison Chart


Protein Bar comparison chart



Protein Snack comparison chart


Why do high protein and low fat and calories matter?

The great thing about protein is that it fills you up. If you eat a cookie, you are hungry again in half an hour. Alternatively, if you eat a large donut or muffin, you end up consuming a ton of calories and fat. Simply Choices fill you up without the calories. It helps you to eat well while on the go and won't ruin your dinner.


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