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Protein Bars | Health Snack Bars with Low Sugar, Calories & Fat | The Simply Bar

vegan certified
kosher certified
Gluten free
Christopher Weiss "Venom62" (Amazon) 02/08/2013 on Simply Protein Whey bars – 3 Bar Sample Pack
I have been a fan of the Simply products since I found them in a local CVS about a year ago. They are good tasting and provide a fair amount of protein. I also suffer from stomach issues and the fact that these were designed by a person with Crohn's was a major plus. They are very easy to digest. I would recommend them to anyone looking for extra nutrition on the go. I would rate them 5 stars but the only drawback is that they are not easy to find. Lots of stores do not carry them and if I run out of my supply at home it becomes difficult to find a place that has them.
E. Pedley (Amazon) 02/08/2013 on Simply Protein Whey bars – 3 Bar Sample Pack
Long time fan of the Simply Bar products. The new Whey bars are fantastic. Great to have an alternate to the soy based bars. Lots of good protein without all the carbs and refined sugar found in virtually all other similar products.
R. Hanle (Amazon) 02/08/2013 on Simply Protein Whey bars – 3 Bar Sample Pack
Simply whey bars are the latest addition to the Wellness foods line. I love the simply bar, with soy protein crisps, and the whey bar does not disappoint. Clocking in at around 150 calories, high protein, low carb. The perfect treat to accompany your morning cup of joe, or afternoon pre-workout snack.
I haven't eaten protein bars before, but I had to change my diet recently, and one of the snack recommendations was a protein bar. I didn't like all the extra ingredients (what I call "crap") in the recommended ones or the high number of calories in most of them. It was also extremely difficult to find good organic ones. Plus, the organic ones tended to be all nuts and dried fruit: a yummy combination, but too high in fat and sugar for me. So, when my parents told me about your bars and gave me a sample, it was a relief. Your Simply Bars don't bump up my calorie count and leave me hungry; they're tasty and I've discovered a good burst of fuel for the brain. I enrolled in National Novel Writing Month and spent the month of November writing my novel. I discovered that eating half a bar of cocoa raspberry (I think the cocoa was definitely key) before I sat down made it easier to write and to stick the course until I'd finished my chapter for the day....
Shireen Jeejeebhoy, Author